Energi4U Program



Have you been having issues with your health? Illnesses and experiences you cannot explain. Have you taken tests and different diet medications and it has not helped? Have they asked you for symptoms and no one could tell you what to do with them? Did they tell you nothing is wrong and that you are exaggerating or making it up? Or like me, have you powered through your illness. I am Polish from New England with the mindset of the only day you do not go to work is when you are dead. Some days the pain and swelling, fatigue is so unbearable that you wondered why bother? I would try to figure out what I could possibly do to make it through the day.

All these reasons are why I created this program. For years I had odd symptoms that I approached singularly. Oh, I have this rash on my face, I have worked as a baker for years so it is the extreme heat and cold that causes this. I am allergic to every antibiotic, guess that is because I took so many when I was an infant to toddler. You get the idea. For each symptom, the physicians recommended a cure to treat it. The time I had a sinus problem and ended up in the emergency room with convulsions because of the medicine prescribed. My quest for knowledge took me on a path to learn as much as possible with hopes of greater vitality.

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