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The very first thing I remember as a child around the age of three, was a fascination with ancient worlds. I used to read encyclopedias and always looked at everything I could find about the 7 wonders of the world; a theme that has been going on my whole life. My search for ancient civilizations and art, and their connection to the spiritual, filled my imagination.

In the beach in the summers and in the snows in the winter I would look for rocks and other gifts of nature, searching for patterns and inner meaning; as if the universe spoke to me directly. As I then, I still do now.

Growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts with my mother (a history and geography teacher) and my father (a patented mechanical engineer) my desire to learn was encouraged. I loved T.V. shows about nature and exploration: finding the source of the Nile, Dr. Leaky discovering our ancestry, Jacques Cousteau exploring the oceans, trips to the arctic, the desert, this is what I dreamt about.

I skipped 3rd grade due to my advanced reading ability and constant learning. It was such a hurdle, but I excelled and even graduated in the top of my class. Attending science fairs and art events, creating scenery for school productions, and working, kept me busy. And if you know me, I still haven’t slowed down!

Thoughts of studying chemistry, or pharmacy? Maybe cooking... With my family’s support I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute a month after turning 17 and graduated early in Biochemistry. Many stories throughout those years. My first job was in Nuclear Medicine as a Radio pharmacy technician. Patient studies and many publications in a short time led me to work in a area of medicine which is now known as Immunology. Understanding how things are made has been a driving force in my life.

I married my college sweetheart in an Epic three-day 400 people Polish wedding and subsequently moved to Connecticut.  Had an art studio in the old Colt Gun Factory and consulted in some startup businesses like Enviroaudit. Our future was completely open. We did a drive across the states with our wonderful cat Artemis and went to live in a village in Greece between Salonika and Athens. We soon moved to Athens. I taught at the American Community School, LVF (a fabric dyeing factory) and because of many factors I opened an American Bakery: Cindy’s baking cakes. Customers like the Marriott and Dolce Vita and many more got me in the news. Ten years of baking brought a deep respect for the art of making bread, natural ingredients, and food as a sacred event. Relationship and world changes, I also was in restaurant businesses as a chef in Mykonos and then in Rhodes. Twice I left and landed in Houston, working a variety of things, UPS, Vegetarian Baking and at the Museum of Fine Arts. I longed for Greece and on my third journey there worked at a spice factory. That story can be found in my book "My Odyssey".

I came to San Diego and wore many business hats. I began in San Diego as a baker, caterer, and the like. Persian rugs felt like a place that as soul I belonged. I returned to school and took some design classes and eventually an MBA. I went to a cleaning convention and began writing in that field. Poetry, which I started writing in 2001, turned into my salvation. Poetry is a place that I can be immersed deeply in my emotions. Many contract posts, including a project at Naval Hospital, made me understand the flow and logic of business. In 2007, I established a gallery, became a part of Optimist International and my reach to the community grew. I had art events, a radio show and become an art judge and a rug appraiser. In 2010 I moved to Coronado and Joined the Optimist Club of Coronado where I serve as Program Director. Part of the Optimist Creed is my motto: Think only the best. My curiosity to understand the world we live in keeps me writing, working in design, working in technology, and sharing the knowledge of Rugology World.

Many more books are planned to include my reflections on Life During Quarantine, growing up Polish, as well as my next volume about Living with Lupus. I hope I can inspire you to be all you can be. Thank you!

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