My Odyssey

Journal and reflections of a 12 year journey

Traversing the world, Cynthia's travels have taken her to many places she never expected. She found her way back to the USA in 2000 after a 12 year journey. Her heart never forgets her past journeys and would love to share them with you. Elateh!...


Weaving Life book cover

Weaving Life

My magic carpet ride through the world of rugs presented by Rugology World™

Through this journey into the world of rugs, one begins to understand the fascination for this ancient art. The woven language of symbols and color come alive in Weaving Life. Part story, part history, this artistic discovery is woven together with poetry.

“International in scope and in flavor, Weaving Life blends historical accuracy with poetic intimacy. Ideal for the dyed-in-the-wool rug lover.”

-Best-selling author and entrepreneur Damon Brown (

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