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Love Your Coffee

Re-published from IQ Podcasts Magazine (November 2022 | Vol 2 | page 19)

9/29/2022 is National Coffee Day! Those of you who know me, know that my motto is: Will work for coffee! And I have the three-day rule, if its within three days I will drink the coffee no matter what kind. I do however try many coffees in search for that exquisite flavor. In fact, I also wander to coffee with supplements like vitamins, collagen etc. When I found Trident cold brew in the can, I knew I found love!

Here's a bit of their story and I am so happy they are here in Coronado! Serving as a Naval Officer, Eric Johnson started brewing his own cold brew coffee during his final tour of duty in Iraq. Eric used his downtime to immerse himself in the coffee culture and started experimenting with recipes. He soon became so proficient that he was being praised for his product. Eric then found himself at an impasse upon his return; his time in service was coming to an end, and he knew he wanted to go into business for himself - to create something that would be remembered. He did not want to build a business solely for profit, he wanted to create a brand that would inspire people to "craft their own legacy." https://tridentcoffee.com/pages/brand

  1. I have read your story. What is the most inspiration you get from the coffee business.?
    - From our customers, receiving the connection from each individual that comes through our doors tells a different story and fosters relationships for everyone.
  2. When did Trident Coffee begin to focus on keto-friendly coffee?
    - Trident Coffee was created with the vision of being health conscious from conception of the business.
  3. Imperial beach is your home store, when did you have the idea for the Coronado location?
    - As entrepreneurs, we're always looking for new ideas, and thinking of innovative ways to share our products for everyone to enjoy! The idea of our "Calm Under Pressure" Coronado location came into view early 2020
  4. We spoke on Saturday about keeping up with the demand of the Coronado consumer base. The high demand for early mornings. When will you implement the new schedule and what will it be?
    - We are still working through the logistics to make sure it makes sense for the business, as we would to facilitate availability for everyone to experience! The Coronado location would observe possible earlier mornings implemented for early 2023.
  5. What is your favorite type of bean?
    - Currently, it's our Peruvian Cajamarca roast that is used for our Damn the Torpedoes cold brew.
  6. What is your favorite product at Trident?
    - I enjoy all our products, but nothing beats coming into one of our taprooms and enjoying any of our cold brew fresh off our tap!
  7. When is your PB location opening?
    - Coming in "Full Steam Ahead" early 2023!
  8. Do you have a plan for more stores?
    - Absolutely, we have a vision to have 5-10 experiential taprooms for communities to enjoy throughout Southern California!
  9. Will you offer any coffee education?
    - Fun fact, the skin around a coffee bean is "Cascara", which is Spanish for "Husk".
  10. What is the best lesson you have learned from your coffee business?
    - Building and growing a business is a constant grind (pun intended), so I'll give you two. 1.) Always be open to new ideas of doing things (your idea may not always be the best or right way of doing things. And 2.) Saying "No" is okay, because otherwise you can overextend yourself and actually create burnout.
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