My Odyssey



A square a neighborhood
A place to be seen and to see!
So much time there I have spent
Walking the galleries and shops
and up to the hill of Lycabettus
Delivering goods double-parked
Christmas traffic tons of cakes
Waitig for the sales, great prices gorgeous goods
Hidden cafes, Interesting bars, diplomats,
spies and movie stars Bewildered tourists all
Enjoying the heights of Athenian
Society I sit here in San Diego
Remembering every step, every inch in
traffic by car, narrow steep streets
Like San Francisco backing up the whole way.
Seeing the Acropolis across the hills
Or the open theatre at the pinnacle of town All the
stars can be seen in the sky and in the Stadium: Ross
Daley, Bryan Ferry, The Smashing Pumpkins live
Hot nights, a walk in the gardens
Were the nymphs played?
With a view of the city's sparkling
lights Incredible smog the elite
Live here on top of it all in Kolonaki Square.

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